The Crusades Foundation

Nonprofit organization whose work is the promotion and dissemination of culture and the arts.

Consciousness of balance

The Crusades Foundation follows the main target to expand its philosophy of Consciousness of balance, which involves the rescue of social values through popular cultural education, with the intention of encouraging each individual through this values to be more aware of themselves, of each other and of the ecosystem. Failing to preserve this delicate balance, the persistence of human race in our planet would have no future in the medium term.

For a world in brotherhood, Unite not Divide

The Crusades Foundation

Are you an artist? Participate

The Crusades Foundation , fulfilling its social purpose, promotes conceptual concerts and events. If you are a mexican or foreign artist, or have any special skills and want to participate in our events, send your name, skill, e-mail, phone and curriculum vitae to the following address:

Melchor Ocampo Norte 5A, Colonia Centro, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro México; C.P. 76000.,

Note: If the artwork is original, register it at the National Institute of copyright or similar institution in the country of origin, for foreigner artists.We are not responsible for any work (audio, text, video, graphics or any production of plastic arts, photography, computer designs or any other artistic material) which has not been appropiate registered as mencioned above. The act of sending information or creative material, does not mean automatic acceptance of the artist in our events. This right is reserved only to The Crusades Foundation